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Will by Will Smith (2021)

Probably one of the best books of the year.

Will begins his tale with him and his brother constructing a wall at the age of eleven for his fatherā€™s store. The wall can be built with experienced contractors in a few weeks however it took will and his brother 12 months to complete the task. Once finished and time to process that experience, it was a lot mote than constructing a wall, it was a life-changer lesson that Will incorporates with him forever. Having of what you notice you have to do, go one brick at a time. This memoir of Will Smith life, will replicate lots on your own lifestyle. It will be made you open regions that you may think you have closed. In case you had a parent that changed into hard on you, gave you a complicated life, made you fear them, this read is for you. If you are married, this memoir is for you. When you feel you have ever hit rock bottom, this memoir is for you.

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After having achieved within the music world and becoming a tv and movies celebrity, Will worked hard to be one of the biggest and most recognized movie stars in the world. His films such as Bad Boys, Med in black, and Independence day are gold mines for the industry. His work style and ethic are unrivaled. He pours each little bit of himself into any challenge he starts.

“If you had a parent that was hard on you, gave you a complex, made you fear them, this read is for you.”

The Book GuideĀ® Editor

Will Smith grew up with a hard father, a knowledgeable mother, and a god-fearing grandmother. Willā€™s father turned into a heavy smoker and drinker and would frequently turn out to be abusive to willā€™s mother. This behavior shaped Will and molded him into the man he is now. Will went in opposition to his momsā€™ desire of pursuing college and he launched into a rap profession with Dj Jazzy Jeff. It was the start of the megastar Will would become.

This was one of the best memoirs we have ever read. Will has a passion for This turned into one of the first-class memoirs you could read this year. Will has skills for storytelling and does it so properly. Heā€™s open, sincere, raw, funny, and emotional. He made mistakes and share them with deep vulnerability. Will is so much greater than a successful singer and movie star and this is reflected in this memoir.

We at The Book GuideĀ® loved this memoir. It become real, raw, honest, and also we loved the audio that complete the story. A lot of raps and sound bytes from his essence were so well carried out. It covered the whole lot from his early domestic life, how he got started rapping, his upward push to fame, but also the downfalls and difficult times. It becomes full of hilarious anecdotes and teenage memories. His humor permeates throughout but by no means does it become heavy. Itā€™s a pleasant read with plenty of real memoirs.

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