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Happy-Go-Lucky (2022)

One of America’s most beloved storytellers returns with a book of personal essays.

If we must live through interesting times, then there is no one better than the incomparable David Sederis to chronicle them.

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When restaurants used to print their menus on paper, and wear masks—or not—was something decided mostly on Halloween. David Sedaris did normal things during that period. As Happy-Go-Lucky opens, he is learning to use guns with his sister, going to flea markets in Serbia where he buys gummy worms to feed them to ants, and telling jokes to his nonagenarian father who has trouble walking.

“David Sedaris once again captures the unexpected, hilarious, and poignant aspects of these recent upheavals in his new book, named Happy-Go-Lucky.”

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But then the pandemics hit, and like so many other people, he was stuck in lockdown, unable to tour and read for his audiences, the part of work he loved most. He tries to cope by walking for miles through a nearly empty city, smelling only his breath. He vacuums twice a day, doesn’t hoard anything, and contemplates how sex workers and acu­puncturists might be making money during quarantines. As the world slowly begins to settle into a new reality, so too does he find himself changed. David Sedaris once more captures what is most surprising, funny, and poignant about these current upheavals, personal, political, and social, and expresses in precise terms both the misanthropy, and the desire for connection that drives us all.

Happy-Go-Lucky (2022) by David Sedaris

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