I'd Like to Play Alone, Please Audiobook Free by Tom Segura

I’d Like to Play Alone, Please (2022)

In a world where everyone is going insane, it’s sometimes necessary to be alone.

Tom Segura is recognized for his bizarre interpretations and irreverent comedy voice. But, after a few years of wild tours and weekly podcasts, all while having two small children, he really wants some alone time. He doesn’t despise his friends and family; he’s not a monster; he’s simply tired, which is why his son’s first full statement, “I’d want to play alone, please,” has now become his mantra.

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Tom blends his typical curmudgeonly humor with a deep look at some of the crazy events that formed him and the silly personalities that always seem to seek him out in this collection of stories.

“A hugely popular stand-up comedian and co-host of top-rated podcasts, shares funny first-person anecdotes of parenthood, celebrity meetings, adolescent errors, misanthropy, and a variety of other topics.”

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The stories include hilarious anecdotes about Tom’s travels, including some bizarre airport encounters with celebrities; his uncensored South American family; the trials and tribulations of parenting young children with bizarrely grotesque interests; and, perhaps most memorably, experiences with his father, who, like any good Baby Boomer father, loves to talk about his bowel movements and share graphic Vietnam stories at inappropriate times. All of this is enough to make anyone crave solitude.

I'd Like to Play Alone, Please (2022) by Tom Segura

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