The Chemistry of Love Audiobook Free by Sariah Wilson

The Chemistry of Love (2023)

A steamy plot with quirky and adorable characters.

The Chemistry of Love by Sariah Wilson is a humorous and steamy romance novel. It follows the story of Anna Ellis, a cosmetic chemist who struggles to be taken seriously at work. She has a crush on her boss, Craig, but is too awkward around him to make any progress.

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In order to get ahead at work, Anna and her colleague Marco decide to fake a relationship in order to make Craig jealous. However, as they spend more time together, they start to develop real feelings for each other.

“Sariah Wilson’s writing is amusing and sweet, the characters are charismatic and supportive, and the plot is an enchanting tale bursting with romance.”

The Book Guide® Editor

The plot is simple but the characters are delightful and the story is well-written.The chemistry between the two characters, noting that it is unpredictable, exciting, and occasionally combustible.

The Chemistry of Love (2023) by Sariah Wilson

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