The Golden Couple  Free Audiobook

The Golden Couple (2022)

A thrilling story from Greer Hendricks that keeps you guessing until the very end.

In this captivating new novel, wealthy Washington suburbanite Marissa Bishop seems to have everything with her husband Matthew until she is unfaithful. Their “perfection” hides a relationship riddled with work and a lack of intimate relationships. She wants to fix things for the sake of her eight-year-old boy and because she loves her spouse. Enter Avery Chambers.

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Marissa takes a chance by hiring an unconventional therapist, Avery Chambers, who has been accused of using questionable methods. If Avery Chambers doesn’t think she can help you in 10 sessions, then she won’t accept you as a client. She helps people overcome anything. She tries to fill the void left by her husband’s passing by focusing on her career.

“With their marriage in danger, Marissa and Matthew Bishop decide to see controversial psychologist Avery Chambers. They are unknowingly put on a collision course when deep-seated secrets come to light. A psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the end.”

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When the Bishop couple arrive at Avery’s door, Marissa reveals her infideli­ty, and all three are set on an unexpected collision course. Because the biggest secrets are still hidden, and they’re not just a marriage that’s at risk. Not all of them look like who they seem to be, and things are about to get dangerous.

The Golden Couple (2022) by Greer Hendricks

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