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Rising Strong (2015)

The ability to reset transforms the way we live, love, parent, and lead.

Social scientist Dr. Brené Brown has sparked a global conversation on courage and vulnerability, shame and worthiness. Her groundbreaking research revealed that vulnerability is the only path to greater love, belonging, creativity and joy. But living a brave and adventurous life is not always easy. You’re bound to stumble and fall at some point.

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Rising Strong is Brown’s book about the rise from falling. A grounded theory researcher listens to a range of people share their stories of being brave and falling. She wondered, what do people with strong and loving marriages, leaders who nurture creativity, artists who push innovation, and clergy who walk with people through faith and mysticism have in common? The answer was clear. They recognized the power of emotions, and they weren’t afraid to lean into discomfort.

“Brené Brown‘s research and work have helped us develop a new vocabulary for talking about the things we’ve all experienced but haven’t been able to put into words. Brené inspires us to be a little braver.”

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It can be scary to walk into our stories of hurt. But the process of recovering from a setback is where we learn to face challenges and develop new skills. We often tell our stories of struggle when we’re feeling down, but they can also be bigger than life, like losing a job or ending a relationship, or smaller than life, like a conflict with someone close to us. Regardless of whether the rise is big or small, the rising strong process remains the same: We reckon our feelings and get curious about what they mean; we rumble with the stories that tell us who we are; and we live this practice, every day, until we become a habit and create nothing less than a revolution in our lives After falling down, rising up again is how we cultivate whole­heartedness. It’s through the process of writing that we learn the most about ourselves.

Rising Strong (2015) by Brené Brown

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