Drums of Autumn: Outlander, Book 4 free

Drums of Autumn: Outlander, Book 4 (1997)

Spanning continents and centuries, Gabaldon has created a work that is both brilliant and breathtaking.

Twice Claire has used a stone circle to travel back in time to the 18th century. In the first time travel, she fell in love with a Scottish warrior, who would later become her husband. They married, and he became her first love. But she returned to 1940 to save her unborn child. She was able to reunite with her lost love 20 years later but left behind the daughter that he wouldn’t ever see. From her 1960s vantage point, Brianna has discovered a disturbing obituary, and she will risk everything to change history.

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When “The Drums of Autumn” begins, Claire and Jamie arrive in colonial America several years before the American Revolution. The story alternates back and forth between them building a homestay and future together amidst many challenges in the untamed frontier of North Carolina while Brianna and her boyfriend Roger deal with their developing romance and being left behind in late 1960s America.

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“Fans of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series will be thrilled to see Jamie and Claire as spirited as ever in this fourth book in the series. Romantic, historical, and time travel combine once again as the couple begins building a new life together in pre-revolutionary America.”

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There are several plot lines that bring the characters together and create a lot of conflicts, starting with Claire and Jamie finding out that they died in a horrible house fire a few years after reaching America. Roger is determined to keep it a secret but discovers that Brianna already knows and plans to go to the stones to save her mom and finally meet her biological dad. Brianna and Rogerā€™s story is full of struggle, suffering, and heartache as Brianna struggles to be reunited with her family and Roger struggles to be reunited with Brianna.

Drums of Autumn: Outlander, Book 4 (1997) by Diana Gabaldon

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