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Untamed (2020)

Glennon’s words are a soothing balm and a call to power all at once.

Four years ago, married to the father of my three children, I fell in love with a woman.

And so the story begins …We are here to witness when Glennon Doyle falls in love— true love— that is with soccer coach & player Abigail “Abby” Wambach. She was 40 years old.

“When I saw Abby I remembered my wild. I wanted her and it was the first time I wanted something beyond what I had been trained to want. I loved her, and it was the first time I loved someone beyond those I had been expected to love. Creating a life with her was the first original idea that I ever had.”

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She touches upon hiding her actual feelings behind a smile, and the ache of worry that she has felt deep down inside of her for most of her life.

“Glennon takes us on a journey of years of battling bulimia, addiction, feeling absent during sex, infidelity, depression, low self-esteem; her ability to practice diplomacy when it comes to the feelings of others but not her own”

The Book Guide® Editor

“I’ve spent thousands on potions and poisons, trying to be youthful. I have denied myself for decades, trying to be pure.”

“When I was in my twenties I believed that somewhere there existed a perfect human woman— She woke up beautiful, unbloated, clear skin, fluffy-haired, fearless, lucky in love, calm, and confident. Her life was easy, she haunted me like a ghost. I tried so hard to be her. In my thirties, I gave that ghost the finger.”

Glennon Doyle shows us the trials and tribulations of learning how to accept that she is not the cultural norm, she has feelings for someone of the same sex and that is okay. She shouldn’t have to punish herself for the ignorance of others, even if they are her family members.

“There is a life meant for you that is truer than the one you are living, but to have it, you will have to forge it yourself. You will have to create on the outside what you are imagining on the inside. Only you can bring it forth, and it will cost you EVERYTHING.”

I must mention that she also touched on parenting and how everyone could quite possibly be a better child and parent if they learned to consider everyone around them instead of just their own family. Also, the importance of Abby as a “Bonus Mom” and getting along with her husband’s new girlfriend.

“What if we used our motherly love less like a laser, burning wholes into the children assigned to us and more like the sun, making sure all kids are warm.” Wouldn’t that be incredible?

The most fantastic point that I took away from all of this is, who cares if you are born gay or you choose gay- love is love. Glennon explains this beautifully, “What I want to say is, what if I wasn’t born this way at all, what if I married Abby not just because I’m gay but because I’m smart? What if I DID choose my sexuality and my marriage and they are simply the truest, wisest, most beautiful, most faithful, most divine decisions that I’ve ever made in my entire life.

You will probably see yourself reflected in many of the words in this book

“This culture depends on the sensitivity of a few because nothing can be healed if it’s not sensed first…folks like [us] are inconvenient. We slow the world down…it is easier to call us broken and dismiss us than to consider that we are responding appropriately to a broken world.”

“It doesn’t seem like being alive is as hard for other people as it is for me. It just feels like there’s some kind of secret to life I don’t know. Like I’m doing it all wrong.”

This story was Eye-Opening, Refreshing, and Beautiful.

Untamed (2020) By: Glennon Doyle

Untamed (2020) By: Glennon Doyle
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