The Skyward Book Series

The Skyward Series In Order: How To Read Brandon Sanderson’s Books.

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The surviving members of the human species are imprisoned on a planet that is often assaulted by unidentified alien starfighters after being defeated, crushed, and driven nearly to extinction.

What is The Skyward series about? What You Need To Know:

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Spensa, a teen living among them, aspires to be a pilot. When she uncovers the wreckage of an old ship, she learns that her dream might come true if she can fix the ship, navigate flying school, and (possibly most significantly) persuade the weird machine to assist her. Because, for the first time, this spacecraft looks to have a soul.

The Skyward Books in Order: How to read Brandon Sanderson’s Series:

There are six books in the Skyward series and this is the correct sequence for reading them.

Skyward, Book 1

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For decades, Spensa’s world has been under threat. Pilots are now the heroes of what’s left of humanity, and becoming one has always been Spensa’s ambition. She had dreamed of flying and displaying her fearlessness since she was a child. But her fate is linked to that of her father, a pilot who was slain years ago after abruptly deserting his squad, leaving Spensa’s prospects of entering flight school thin to none.

Starsight: Skyward, Book 2

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Spensa had wanted to be a pilot her entire life. Of showing herself to be a hero like her father. She made it to the sky, but the revelations about her father crushed her. His cowardice was confirmed when he quit his flight during the combat against the Krell. Worse, he turned on his teammates and assaulted them. Spensa believes there is more to the tale. And she’s certain that whatever happened to her father in his spacecraft may happen to her as well. When she got outside her planet’s safe shell, she heard the stars – and it was terrible. Everything Spensa has been told about her world has been proven to be false.

Sunreach: Skyward, Book 3

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Spensa, FM’s Skyward Flight companion, has discovered the key to the Galactic Superiority’s hyperdrives. Jorgen, FM’s flight leader, has discovered a big number of Taynix hidden in the catacombs beneath Detritus’ surface. If the Defiant Defense Force cannot find a method to flee the planet, mankind will perish in a matter of time.

ReDawn: Skyward, Book 4

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The second of three novellas in the Skyward series, each recounted from the perspective of a different member of the crew. The group in ReDawn’s administration that wishes to satisfy Superiority has won control. An ancient technology may be able to save both of their worlds from destruction. Can they unravel its mysteries before it’s too late?

Cytonic: Skyward, Book 5

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Spensa’s existence as a Defiant Defense Force pilot has been anything from routine. She established herself as one of the greatest starfighters in the human enclave of Detritus, and she rescued her people from annihilation at the hands of the Krell – the enigmatic alien species that has been imprisoning them for decades. Furthermore, as an undercover agent, she journeyed light-years from home to infiltrate Superiority, where she learned about the cosmos beyond her little, bleak planet home.

Evershore: Skyward, Book 6

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Jorgen and Spensa must pick up the pieces after the Detritus government collapses, and they must do it in collaboration with the extraterrestrial Alanik. They catch a weird communication from Evershore and its Kitsen occupants, who claim to be in possession of some of Jorgen’s people and wish to return them. But can the Kitsen be relied on? And, more importantly, can Jorgan learn to manage his increasingly unpredictable cytonic abilities before they spiral out of control?

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