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The Summer I Turned Pretty Books in Order

The Summer I Turned Pretty Reading Order: How To Read Jenny Han’s Books.

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Some summers are just meant to be beautiful. Belly has an amazing summer in this stunning start of the Summer I Turned Pretty series by the New York Times bestselling author of To All the Boys, Jenny Han.

What is The Summer I Turned Pretty About? What You Need to Know:

The Summer I Turned Pretty TV Series

A new series based on the New York Times bestselling novel. Every year, Belly and her parents go to Cousin’s Beach House for their annual vacation. Every year is the same… Until Belly turns 16. Relationships will be challenged, painful truths will be uncovered, and Belly will never be the same. It’s a summer of first love and first heartache for her. She’s turning into a grownup.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty Books in Order. How to read Jenny Han’s Books:

There are three books in The Summer I Turned Pretty series and this is the correct sequence for reading them:

1 – The Summer I Turned Pretty

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Belly lives for summer vacations. Everything good, everything amazing happens during the summer months. Winter is a time to count the days until the next summer, to be away from the beach house and away from Susannah, but most importantly, to be away from Jeremiah and Conrad! They are the boys she has known since her earliest days—they have been her brothers, her crushes, her friends, and everything in between. One summer, one wonderful and horrible summer, the more everything changed, the more it all ended up just the way it was meant to be all along.

2 – It’s Not Summer Without You

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Before, Belly would count the days until summer, when she’d be back at Cousins Beach with her cousins Conrad and Jeremiah. Not this year. After Susannah got sick again, Conrad no longer cared. Summer is coming, but everything that was right and good is falling apart. But when Jeremiah calls, Belly knows what needs to be done to fix things between her and Conrad. And it can only occur when they’re all together, the way things were before. If this summer really ends up being the last summer, it would be nice if it ended the way it began—at Cousins Beach.

3 – We’ll Always Have Summer

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Belly has only loved two boys, both with the last names Fisher. And after having been with Jeremiah for the past two years, she‘s almost positive he is the one. But not for sure. While Conrad hasn’t gotten over his mistake of letting Belly leave, Jeremiah has always known he was meant to be with Belly. When Belly and Jeremiah decide they want to make things forever, they realize that it’s either now or never—tell them they love each other or lose them for good. Belly will have no choice but to confront her feelings for both Jeremiah and Conrad and face an inevitable heartbreak.

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