He Who Fights with Monsters Book Series

He Who Fights with Monsters Book Series in Order

He Who Fights with Monsters Series In Order: How To Read Shirtaloon’s Books.

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“He Who Fights With Monsters” is a book series by Shirtaloon that follows the story of Jason, who wakes up in a mysterious world of magic and monsters. Throughout the series, Jason faces off against cannibals, cultists, wizards, and monsters, all while navigating his way through this new world.

What is the ‘He Who Fights with Monsters’ series about? What You Need To Know.

He Who Fights with Monsters Book Series

The series has been well-received by readers, with many praising the author’s fun and engaging writing style. The protagonist, Jason, is also noted for being opinionated and entertaining. The series currently consists of 10 books. Overall, “He Who Fights With Monsters” is a highly recommended read for fans of the LitRPG genre.

He Who Fights with Monsters Books in Order: How to read Shirtaloon’s Series:

There are nine books in the He Who Fights with Monsters series and this is the correct sequence for reading them:

He Who Fights with Monsters: A LitRPG Adventure. Book 1

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Jason is a middle-aged office worker who finds himself transported to a world of magic and monsters. He quickly discovers that he has a unique ability to absorb the powers of the monsters he kills. He uses this ability to become a powerful adventurer, but he also finds himself struggling with the moral implications of his powers. Jason starts out as a weakling, but he quickly gains strength and power. He learns to fight monsters and use his abilities to survive in this new world. He also makes friends with other adventurers, and they help him to learn more about the world and his own powers.

He Who Fights with Monsters 2: A LitRPG Adventure. Book 2

(Free with Audible Trial)

It was not an easy path from retail middle management into interdimensional wizard adventurers. But Jason Asano has settled into his new life. Now, a competition draws young elites to the town of Greenstone to compete for a large prize. Jason must gather a group of companions if he is going to stand a chance against his opponents. As the young adventurers compete for glory, the city leaders deal not only with revelations of betrayal but also with a vast and terrible enemy. Despite his lack of involvement, Jason has unwittingly crossed the enemy’ s path before. He’ll cross the bridge again because he has friends and foes along the way. Conflict is inevitable.

He Who Fights with Monsters 3: A LitRPG Adventure. Book 3

(Free with Audible Trial)

Jason’s friends and family are facing a crisis. While he is away, they are under attack by a mysterious force. His allies are being hunted down one by one. When Jason returns, he finds out that his friends and family are in danger. He must go back to save them. But there is something else going on. Something bigger. A plan is unfolding. And it involves him.

He Who Fights with Monsters 4: A LitRPG Adventure. Book 4

(Free with Audible Trial)

After an unexpected homecoming, after having left his old life behind, Jason wonders whether there is still a place in the world he left. He finds himself confronted by what he has become in the time he has been away. He’s been living in a different world for so long that he doesn’t know anything about the new one. As he begins to understand what has been hidden from his entire life, he finds out that not only might he be able to fit in better than ever before, but he may just be exactly what the world could use.

He Who Fights with Monsters 5: A LitRPG Adventure. Book 5

(Free with Audible Trial)

Jason has discovered that the planet where he was born is not the planet he thought it was. More importantly, the rest of the world is on the verge of sharing his discovery. Jason is faced with challenges that are greater than ever before. He has to deal with forces pulling him in different directions. He realizes that even as his power reaches new heights, he is still not satisfied.

He Who Fights with Monsters: A LitRPG Adventure. Book 6

(Free with Audible Trial)

The Earth is on the brink of destruction, and Jason Asano, despite his lack of strength, decides to save it by seizing a power no mortal should touch. This decision marks his first step into a wider cosmos and forces him to decide what home truly means.

He Who Fights with Monsters: A LitRPG Adventure. Book 7

(Free with Audible Trial)

It’s not Jason’s responsibility to save a kingdom when he comes in it. He wants some peace and quiet so he can relax and recover. But he has to deal with adversaries both old and new, as well as possible friends. He is discovered alive by a princess, a legendary king shows up, and the Church of Fertility is eager to accept him. Both allies and opponents will learn the hard way as the pressure builds.

He Who Fights with Monsters: A LitRPG Adventure. Book 8

(Free with Audible Trial)

A long-lost acquaintance named Jason Asano returns to the saddle as an adventurer prepared to take on fresh difficulties. He and his comrades employ their own schemes to engage the enemy despite being warned of the risk. Jason pushes the envelope and gains more cosmic power as they battle unexpected and personal opponents.

He Who Fights with Monsters: A LitRPG Adventure. Book 9

(Free with Audible Trial)

Jason and his team embark on a journey to uncover the methods and objectives of their enemies, as they face lingering dangers and threats from the remnants of recent events. As they travel to new places and meet new people, they face patient, powerful, and remorseless adversaries. As conflict spills into epic battle, they discover that challenging Jason Asano is a bad idea, as his growing power may give him more in common with his foes than his friends.

He Who Fights with Monsters: A LitRPG Adventure. Book 10

(Free with Audible Trial)

He Who Fights With Monsters 10 is the latest installment in the popular LitRPG series by Shirtaloon and Travis Deverell. The book picks up where the previous book left off, with our hero, Ryker, facing off against the Dark Lord. Ryker has grown in power since the last book, but the Dark Lord is still a formidable foe. The book is full of action, adventure, and humor, and it will keep you entertained from start to finish.

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