wheel of time series in order

The Wheel of Time Books Series

The Wheel of Time series in order: How to Read Robert Jordan’s books?

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Set in both our past and future, this epic fantasy follows the saga of a young boy who is destined to face evil but he must also face his destiny. Since its debut in 1990, The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan has captured millions of readers and listeners worldwide with its scope, original ideas, and compelling characters.

What is the Wheel of Time series about?

The Wheel of Time TV Series

The Wheel of Time series spans several centuries, focusing on the final confrontation between two great heroes: Rand al’Thor, known as the Dragon, and the Dark One. The battles between the Dragon and the dark one are part of a cycle which has been repeated countless times, generation after generation, as the dragon is continually reborn. The novels take place in the Third Age, an age when prophecies are preordained to be fulfilled. Enter Rand al’Thor. A humble farmer‘s son, he lives an ordinary life until a pair of mysterious travelers arrives in his small village.   He will soon discover his ability to use magic long prohibited to men, which will cause his life and the lives of everyone around him to be thrown into disarray. Rand al’Thors journey through the world of A Memory of Light will take him on a great hunt for a legendary horn, encounter savage attacks by Trolloc, towering half-men half-beasts, face unspeakable dangers in the shadows and in light, and embrace his destiny as The Dragon Reborn. With this series, Jordan has become one of the most important authors of modern fantasy literature.  

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Who is Robert Jordan?

Robert Jordan

When Robert Jordan was four years old, his older brother helped him learn to read. By age five, he had read Mark Twain and Jules Vernes. He graduated from The Citadel, the Military Academy of South Carolina, with degrees in physics and military history, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his service during the Vietnam War. He began writing fiction when he was twenty-four years old and published his first novel, The Eye of the World, at age thirty-six. After Jordan died in 2007, after a brave battle with a rare blood disorder, his masterpiece was completed by Brandon Sandison, an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of fantasy, science-fiction, and thrillers.  

How to read the Wheel of Time Series in order?

There are fifteen books in the Wheel of Time series and this is the correct sequence for reading them:

1 – New Spring (The Wheel of Time Prequel)

For three days, there has been a fierce battle between the armies of the White Tower and the forces of the Dark One. A prophecy is made in the city. Born on the slopes of Dragonmount is a baby destined to change the world. That child must be saved before the forces of the Dark Side have an opportunity to kill her.

2 – The Eye of the World, The Wheel of Time Book 1

The Wheel of Time keeps turning and ages come and go, leaving memories that become legends. Legend becomes legend, and even legends become myths when they’re remembered by people who lived before the Age that gave them birth. What has been, what will be, what is, and what might yet come into being may fall under the shadow of time?

3 – The Great Hunt, The Wheel of Time Book 2

For centuries, gleemans have told the stories of the Great Hunt of the Horn, which was the longest hunt in history. There are so many stories about each of the Heroes, and there are so many Heroes to tell about… Now the Horn has been found: the Horn of Valedor, the horn that will raise the dead heroes from their graves. And it is stolen. In pursuit of the thief, Rand al’Thor is determined to keep this horn out of the hands of The Dark One. He has also learned that he must be The Dragon Reborn – the champion of light destined to stand against the shadow time and again. It is a duty for Rand to discover his magical capabilities that he never thought he had.

4 – The Dragon Reborn, The Wheel of Time Book 3

Rand al’Thor has been declared the Dragon Reborn. He plans to travel to the great fortress known to the people as the Stone of Tearing, where he hopes to find the legendary sword called the Callandor, which was forged by the Champions of old to fight against the evil King Bal’Toloth. After Rand, Moiraine, and their friends fight Darkhounds on the Hunt, hoping they reach the heart of the stone in time for the next Great Test awaiting the Dragon Reborn.

5 – The Shadow Rising, The Wheel of Time Book 4

Accompanied with Moiraine Damodar, Rand arrives at the city of Rhuidea. After passing through a Doorframe Tester Angreal, Moiraine learns something while the Aiel wait for Rand’s return, either having both arms marked by Dragon Symbols, validating his identity, the Chief of Chiefs, of all the Aiel, or to never emerge at any time.

6 – The Fires of Heaven, The Wheel of Time Book 5

Prophecy says that Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn will defeat the Dark One. Shaido Aiel have been marching for days, destroying everything in their path. The White Tower has been toppled by the Amyrlin Seat, causing the Aes Sedai to turn against each other. The city of Rhuidean is overrun by Shadowspawn. Despite the chaos swirling all around him, Rand continues trying to harness his abilities, even if he ignores the advice of Moiraine Damodred at great cost.

7 – Lord of Chaos, The Wheel of Time Book 6

Now ruling Tear and Andor, among other nations, Lord Rand al’Thor is recruiting all men capable to channel to be trained as his Aes Sedai soldiers. The Aiel clans have pledged allegiance to Rand al’Thor, acknowledging him as their leader, even though the Shaidon Aiel remain a threat to his leadership. Two groups, one seeking to ally themselves with the dragon reborn, the other seeking to oppose him. Rand knows all too clearly the manipulative nature of the White Tower, no matter which side they stand upon. Even he cannot predict just how ruthless, desperate, and treacherous they can become.

8 – A Crown of Swords, The Wheel of Time Book 7

Now that the seals of Shayol Ghoul are weakened, the Dark Lord reaches out. The shadow is rising to cover humankind, and Min sees portents of horrible doom. The White Tower itself won’t be destroyed. However, the Whitecloak riders will pursue a man with golden eyes. Among the Sea Folk, High Queen Suroth plans the invasion of the mainland. In the Stone of Tear the Lord Dragon considers his options. It will be something unexpected, not the Black Ajahs, not Tairens, not Aes Sedais, not Egwenes, Elaines, or Nynaeves. Against the shadow of the Dark One rises the Dragon Reborn…

9 – Path of Daggers, The Wheel of Time Book 8

The Whitecloaks pursue a man with golden eyes. And they pursue the Dragon Reborn. Among the Sea Folk, High Lord Suroth plans the invasion of the mainland by the Seanchan armies. The Lord Dragon considers his next moves. It won’t be anything anyone expects, not the Black Hand, not Tairens, not Aes Sedais, not Egwene, Elayne, or Nynaeve, but it will happen.

10 – Winter’s Heart, The Wheel of Time Book 9

After finding Masema Dagar, who was the Prophet of the Dragon on Rand’s behest, Perrin Aybara returned to his camp to discover his wife Failee had been kidnapped by the Shaido Ailen. Determined to reclaim his wife, Perrin abandons his mission, risking his entire army in pursuit of an unknown enemy.

11 – Crossroads of Twilight, The Wheel of Time Book 10

The Lord Dragon considers his next moves. It will be something that no one expects, not even the Black Ajah, the Tairens, the Aes Sedai, Egwene, Elayne, or Nynaeve, but the Dragon Reborn.

12 – Knife of Dreams, The Wheel of Time Book 11

The dead are coming back to life, men are dying impossible deaths, and it appears as though reality itself is becoming unstable: All are signs that Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn must face the Dark One as humanity’s only hope.

13 – The Gathering Storm, The Wheel of Time Book 12

Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn, must struggle to unite a fractured network of kingdoms and alliances, in preparation for the Last battle. As he tries to stop the Seanchan from invading his lands, his allies watch him closely for any signs of weakness.

14 – Towers of Midnight, The Wheel of Time Book 13

The Last Battle has begun. The seals on the dark one’s prison are slowly breaking down. The Pattern is unraveling, and Shadow armies are beginning to emerge from the Blight. The sun has set upon the Third Age, and we’re now entering the Fourth Age.

15 – A Memory of Light, The Wheel of Time Book 14

The Wheel of Time keeps turning, and ages come and go. What has been, what will be, what is, may yet be subject to the Shadow. Let the dragon fly again on the winds of change.

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