We Are All the Same in the Dark Audiobook Free by Julia Heaberlin

We Are All the Same in the Dark (2020)

A haunting and atmospheric psychological thriller.

Trumanell Branson vanished ten years ago, leaving only a bloodied handprint in his wake. Her attractive face continues to hang watchfully on the walls of the high school, the police station, and the Baptist church in the community. We will locate you is what they all vow. Wyatt, Tru’s brother, was found not guilty by the police but was found guilty and convicted in the court of public opinion and in a recent documentary about the murder. Wyatt is now living as a pariah in the abandoned old family home.

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Wyatt feels a lost girl deposited in a field of dandelions, making silent wishes, is a sign. Odette Tucker, the town’s youngest officer, feels she is a spark that will ignite a town that is still waiting for its own missing girl to return. Odette, on the other hand, is unable to look away. She and the silent, one-eyed mystery girl share an open wound. And she is troubled by her own history with Tru, who is gone.

“In this dramatic thriller from a bestselling author, the discovery of a child abandoned by the side of the road poses a danger to revealing the long-buried truths of a Texas town’s renowned cold case.”

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In an effort to solve both cases, Odette battles to find the missing girl in the present while also uncovering the horrifying details of a pivotal night in the past. This night was the night her companion vanished, the night that motivated her to become a police officer and the night that gave them all a place in the town’s violent, ominous mythology.

We Are All the Same in the Dark (2020) by Julia Heaberlin

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