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Happy Days (2022)

Bernstein’s new book presents a plan for transforming the painful memories of your past into newfound strength and freedom.

What if you could wake up each day without feeling anxious? View your past with a sense of purpose, not regret? Are you living happily, peacefully, and without fear? You can do it! And Gabrielle Bernstein will show the way.

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This book includes nine transformative yet untapped techniques for healing trauma, learning how to unlearn fear, and remembering love. It also shows you how to go into the places you fear and come out feeling freer than ever before.

“If you weren’t scared, who would you be? Best-selling Author Gabrielle Bernstein charts a way to heal traumas and unlearn fears, remembering love.”

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People who want to be free from fear must first address any past traumas in their life. Most people do not realize that they are being controlled by past traumas. These traumas affect our lives, but we cannot let them control us. Once we accept ourselves as we are, we can move forward and be successful.

Bernstein has been loved by her listeners for years as a spiritual teacher, a motivational speaker, and a catalyst for profound inner change Her new book presents a plan for transforming the painful memories of your past into newfound strength and freedom.

Happy Days (2022) by Gabrielle Bernstein

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