Leadership Audiobook Free by Henry Kissinger

Leadership (2022)

A remarkable collection of political biographies and historical case studies.

Kissinger examines the lives of six outstanding leaders in his book Leadership using the specific statecraft techniques that he feels they embodied. Konrad Adenauer used what Kissinger refers to as “the policy of humility” to reintegrate a defeated and morally bankrupt Germany into the international community after World War II. By using “the policy of will,” Charles de Gaulle placed France with the victorious Allies and restored its ancient glory. Richard Nixon used “the strategy of balance” during the Cold War to provide the United States a geostrategic edge.

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After 25 years of warfare, Anwar Sadat undertook a “plan of transcendence” to bring about peace in the Middle East. Lee Kuan Yew employed “the strategy of excellence” to transform Singapore into a powerhouse in spite of all the obstacles. Britain was seen as “the sick man of Europe” when Margaret Thatcher took power, but she used “the policy of conviction” to boost its spirit and reputation abroad.

“The great politician and diplomat Henry Kissinger examines the strategies of six significant figures from the 20th century and creates a general leadership and diplomatic philosophy.”

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Each of these studies benefits from Kissinger’s historical perspective, public experience, and—because he was acquainted with all the subjects and took part in all the events he describes—personal knowledge. Only Kissinger could make the decisions and have the insights that improve leadership, and he closes by discussing the importance of leadership in the modern world and the international order.

Leadership (2022) by Henry Kissinger

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