Chestnut Springs Books in Order

Chestnut Springs Books in Order

Elsie Silver Books In Order: How to Read Elsie Silver’s Books

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Welcome to the charming small town of Chestnut Springs! Nestled within the pages of Elsie Silver’s captivating series, this community brims with heartwarming stories, unforgettable characters, and second-chance romances that will leave you yearning for more. But with a growing collection of books, you might wonder, “In what order should I read the Chestnut Springs series?” fret no more! This guide unravels the perfect reading sequence, ensuring you experience the magic of Chestnut Springs in all its glory.

What is the Chestnut Springs Series About? What You Need to Know:

The Chestnut Springs series by Elsie Silver is a heartwarming collection of contemporary romance novels set in the idyllic small town of Chestnut Springs. Each book focuses on a different couple navigating the complexities of love, relationships, and personal growth. The series explores a variety of romantic tropes, from second-chance romances to overcoming past trauma, all woven together with a strong sense of community and heartwarming small-town charm. Readers can expect passionate connections, relatable characters, and journeys of self-discovery, making the Chestnut Springs series a delightful escape into a world brimming with love and hope.

Chestnut Springs Reading Order:

The cornerstone of the Chestnut Springs series lies in four published novels, each weaving a unique tale of love and resilience. Here’s the recommended order to embark on this heartwarming journey:

  • Book 1: Flawless
  • Book 2: Heartless
  • Book 3: Powerless
  • Book 4: Reckless


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Flawless introduces us to Cole, a bull-riding champion grappling with a career-ending injury, and Sarah, his fiercely independent caretaker. Sparks fly as their undeniable chemistry collides with their guarded hearts. Can Cole overcome his demons and embrace a new future with Sarah? Will Sarah learn to trust and open herself to love again? Flawless is a heartwarming exploration of second chances, self-acceptance, and the transformative power of love.


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Heartless delves into the world of Ethan, a brooding single father haunted by a tragic past, and Avery, a free-spirited artist yearning for connection. As their paths unexpectedly intertwine, their undeniable attraction challenges their carefully constructed walls. Can Ethan learn to trust again and embrace a love that could heal his wounds? Will Avery find the emotional security she craves without sacrificing her artistic freedom? Heartless is a beautiful story about vulnerability, overcoming grief, and the courage to open your heart to love.


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Powerless throws you into a whirlwind romance with a touch of danger. This page-turner features Luke, a charming bad-boy with a troubled past, and Mia, a strong-willed woman seeking a fresh start. Their undeniable connection ignites a passionate fire, but can they build a lasting relationship amidst Luke’s vulnerabilities and Mia’s guarded past? Powerless is a thrilling exploration of self-discovery, facing your demons, and the intoxicating allure of forbidden love.


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Reckless brings together Liam, a stoic firefighter burdened by responsibility, and Chloe, a captivating single mom juggling work and motherhood. As their lives unexpectedly collide, their undeniable attraction challenges their fears and anxieties. Can Liam loosen his grip on control and embrace a love that could change his life? Will Chloe allow herself to lean on someone and find happiness beyond her role as a single parent? Reckless is a heartwarming journey about facing your fears, the power of vulnerability, and finding love in the most unexpected places.

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