The Book of Lost Friends Free Audiobook

The Book of Lost Friends (2020)

A novel inspired by historical events amidst the destruction of post-Civil War South;

Best-selling author and journalist Lisa Wingate brings to light some surprising facts about Lost Friends ads that appeared in Southern newspapers during the post-Civil War era.

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After the turbulent aftermath of Reconstruction in Louisiana in 1875, three women set out on a dangerous journey: Lavinia, a wealthy heiress who was once married to a plantation owner; Juneau Jane, his illegitimate daughter by an African American woman; and Hannie, a former slave. Each of them has their own private wounds and secrets, and they’re heading for Texas, where they’ll follow dangerous roads filled with ruthless vigilantes and people still fighting a war lost ten years ago.

“This novel is the story of three young women searching for their family and of a modern-teacher who discovers their story and its connection with her own students’ lives.”

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Is the year 1987 somewhere in Louisiana. For first-year teaching Benedetta Silva, a paid position at a poor rural school seemed like the ticket to cancelling her hefty student loan debt until she landed in a tiny, out of step Mississippi River town. Augustine, Louisiana, is suspicious of new ideas and people, and Benny can hardly understand the lives of her poor students. Amid the gnarled oakes and run-down plantations, there lies the century-old story of three young women, an old journey, and a hidden treasure that could change everything.

The Book of Lost Friends (2020) by Lisa Wingate

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