Beyond Order Audiobook Free by Jordan B. Peterson

Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life (2021)

Additional advice on navigating the treacherous path of modern life.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a clinical psychologist and well-known professor at Harvard and the University of Toronto, gave millions of people advice in his book 12 Rules for Life on how to bring order to the chaos in their life. Peterson now offers 12 more life-saving principles in this audacious follow-up to help readers avoid succumbing to the wearying toll that trying to organize the world eventually has on us.

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Peterson cautions that having too much security might be risky in a period when humans will increasingly dominate every aspect of life, from our social institutions to our emotional states.

“Beyond Order urges us to strike a balance between these two tenets of reality itself and directs us along the straight and narrow road that separates them.”

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The author also shows us how to rely on our inclination to find meaning and purpose, even – and particularly – when we are helpless, in order to overcome the cultural, scientific, and psychological factors that make us inclined to tyranny.

Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life (2021) by Jordan B. Peterson

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