Shoe Dog Free Audiobook

Shoe Dog (2016)

The True Story of the Man Who Created Nike.

In this candid and rivet­ing memoir, Nike founder and CEO Philip Knight shares the inside story behind the company’s early days and its evolution into one the world’s leading brands.

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Fresh out of college, Phil Knight started a company with a simple purpose: import high-quality athletic shoes from Japan. He borrowed $50 from his dad. Selling the shoes from his car trunk, Knight made $8,000 his very first year. Today, Nike’s total annual sales exceed $30 billion. Nike is the ultimate example of a successful start-up. It has revolutionized the way we think about sports and fashion. Its logo has become a globally recognized symbol.

“For the first time ever, the founder of Nike shares the inside story of his company’s early days as a small start-up and its transformation into one of the world’s most iconic, game-chang­ing, and profitable brands.”

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But Knight, the founder of Nike, has always remained a mysterious figure. For the first time, in an autobiography that is candid, humble and gutsy, he tells his story from the beginning, starting with his crossroads moment when he was just a kid. After traveling around the world at age 24, he decided to take an unconventional route to start his own business. The Author details the many challenges he faced and the hurdles he had to overcome before achieving success. Above all, he remembers the formative relationships with the first partners and employees. Together, they built a brand so powerful that it changed everything.

Shoe Dog (2016) by Phil Knight

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