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The Whole-Brain Child (2011)

12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind.

This book is very helpful in helping parents to understand how to help their children integrate the various parts of their brain so that as they grow older they will have the right tools to help them be healthy and happy individuals. The author goes through the different parts of the brain and the states that they are in throughout each stage of a child’s development. He then explains how parents can help to integrate parts of the brain via the use of various techniques.

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Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Brysonā€™s ā€œThe Whole-Brain Childā€ fails to deliver on the titular promise of ā€œrevolutionaryā€ parenting strategies to ā€œtruly help your kids be happier, healthier, and more fully themselvesā€; it does, however, provide innovative and effective explanations, packaging, and delivery of many tried-and-true parenting techniques that turn out to be neuroscientifically based.

“The overall concept, explored in detail, is that humans are made up of many things, and the better we can learn to make them work together, the better it will all work.”

The Book GuideĀ® Editor

There are 12 techniques described in the book, and Siegel does a nice job of providing examples of how to use the techniques. Like any other parenting technique, parents may have to be creative to some extent, but I thought that it was great how Siegel lays out certain questions that parents can act simply to get their kids using a different part of their brain to address the problem.

This book isn’t about how to make your kids behave or how to turn your kid into a genius. Instead, its focus is on how a “whole brain” that is fully integrated will help a child grow into a more functional adult. I also liked that Siegel didn’t make me feel that these are things that we need to be working on with our children ad nauseum. Having fun and relaxing with your kids is important, too.

The Whole-Brain Child By: Daniel J. Siegel MD, Tina Payne Bryson PhD

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