What to Expect the First Year audiobook free

What to Expect the First Year (2019)

A must have for new moms and dads. Nicely laid out.

The book has tried and tested methods of what to expect in the first year of raising a child. One definitely resonates with the authors learnings. It has monthly events, discussions on every aspect of a child’s development.

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This book has it all. A must have shelf book for new first time parents especially.   How to take care of child, how to teach them, procedures to use in case of emergencies, reactions and retaliations to expect from babies, identifying their growth stages, start to finish, likes, dislikes – how to identify them change them, etc.

“Everything you need to know about your child’s first year of life. From picking a doctor to the milestones your child should be reaching, In-depth information about a babies diet and what you should avoid.”

The Book Guide® Editor

An authoritative book on developmental milestones. Full of “how- tos” with plenty of answers to “what-ifs”. An invaluable resource and go to book for first time parents. “If you can laugh, you’re less likely to cry.” Answers nearly every question that you can think of – and many that you didn’t know that you needed to ask. 

IIt seems comprehensive, and is more a textbook than a guide meant to be read straight through. It doesn’t seem to offer any advice without reference to evidence for benefits, and where evidence is mixed she seems to be excellent about explaining.

What to Expect the First Year (2019) By: Heidi Murkoff

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